Whiskira X The Rebirth Partnership!

We are proud to announce a new partnership with THE REBIRTH, an innovative premium lifestyle brand that creates new experiences by blending art, culture, spirit, and technology to allow more people to enjoy the maximised life.

The Rebirth is currently launching its first collection of redeemable whisky NFTs. Each NFT in the collection represent a bottle of Scotch whisky. The spirit continues to age in Scotland, until they are bottled for redemption. Having delivered in-person experiences, The Rebirth is now introducing upcoming experiences for its brand community inside the Metaverse, with the NFT serving as membership access token to The Rebirth's ecosystem.

More exciting giveaways and events coming really soon...

Check them out here: (Join their discord to get whitelisted!)

Discord | Website | Twitter

P.S. A massive giveaway will be announcement in a few days 👀